Uguubot Command List


core_admin_global core_admin_channel core_ctcp core_user 4chan ai amazon anime answers bash calculator chatbot choose coin coins convert countdown cypher datafiles debt dice dictionary distance domains drama duckduckgo fact fmylife gelbooru geoip google hashtags help kernel lastfm lyrics media metacritic mylifeisaverage newegg password ping quote radio religion rss seen snopes soundcloud spotify steam stock stupid system tell time todo translate twitch twitter urls utility validate vimeo vote weather wikipedia wolframalpha yandere youtube
gadminslists global admins
gadminadd|delnick|host...add/del a global admin.gadmin add infinity
gignoredlists globally ignored users
gignorenick|host...ignores user(s) in all channels.gignore user1 user2 user3
gunignorenick|host...unignores user(s) in all channels.gunignore user1 user2 user3
setfieldtargetvalueset database values.set location infinity Denver, CO
quit,stopreasonkills the bot with [reason] in its message
restartreasonrestarts the bot with [reason] in its message
clearlogsclears all logfiles
join#channeljoins a channel
part#channelparts a channel
cycle#channelcycles a channel
nicknickchanges the bots nick
rawcommandsends a raw irc command
say#channelcommandmake the bot say something
msgusermessagesends a msg to user
me#channelmessagemakes the bot preform an /action
admins#channellists channel admins on uguubot
admin#channeladd|delnick|host...add/del an admin on uguubot.admin add infinity
autoop,aop#channelenable|disableenables/disables autoops for admins
ignored#channellists ignored users
ignore#channelnick|host...ignores user(s) in the channel(s).ignore user1 user2 user3
unignore#channelnick|host...unignores user(s) in the channel.unignore user1 user2 user3
disabled#channellists disabled commands
disable#channelcommand|module...disables commands in the channel(s).disable command module command2
enable#channelcommand|module|all...enables commands in the channel.enable command module command2
showfloods#channelshows flood protection settings
flood#channelcountduration |disableenabled flood control. kicks user after # messages.flood 5 15
cmdflood#channelcountduration |disableenabled command flood control. ignores a user after # commands.cmdflood 3 30
badwords#channeladd|delword... |listlist/add/del bad words. Kicks any non admin that says them.badword add word1 word2 word3
trim#channellength |disabletrims output messages to length.trim 200
invite#channelnickinvites a user
topic#channeltopicsets the topic
mute#channelsets mode +m on a channel
unmute#channelsets mode +m on a channel
lock#channelsets mode +i on a channel
unlock#channelsets mode +i on a channel
banslists bans on uguubot
ban,kb#channelnick or hostmaskreasontimerbans a user.ban siid i hate you 5 mins
unban,ub#channelnick or hostmaskunbans a user.unban siid
kick,k#channelnickreasonkicks a user.kick siid bye!
op#channelnicksets mode +o on a user
up#channelsets mode +o on the user that uses it
deop#channelnicksets mode -o on a user
down#channelsets mode -o on the user that uses it
hop#channelnicksets mode +h on a user
dehop#channelnicksets mode -h on a user
voice#channelnicksets mode +v on a user
devoice#channelnicksets mode -v on a user
quiet#channelnicksets mode +q on a user on servers that support it
unquiet#channelnicksets mode -q on a user on servers that support it
remove#channelnickreasonforce a user to part a channel on servers that support it
ctcptargettypesends a ctcp request to target
version,vernickreturns a users ctcp version
hostnickreturns a users hostname
battlestation |url |@ nickset/show a users battlestation
desktop |url |@ nickset/show a users desktop
homescreen |url |@ nickset/show a users homescreen
intro,greeting |greeting |@ nickset/show a users greeting
waifu |waifu |@ nickset/show a users waifu
husbando |husbando |@ nickset/show a users husbando
birthday |birthday |@ nickset/show a users birthday
horoscope |signsave |@ nickset/show a users horoscope
myanime,mymanga |mal_username |@ nickset/show a users mal info
snapchat |snapchatname |@ nickset/show a users snapchat
selfie |url |@ nickset/show a users selfie
4chan,catalogboardquery|regexsearch all op posts on the catalog.4chan g battlestation
boardboardquery|regexsearch all posts on a board.board gif ass
bsshortcut to .4chan g battlestation
desktopsshortcut to .4chan g desktop
fourchanboard_url http?://*
fourchanthread_url http?://**/res/parses thread
fourchanquote_url http?://**/res/*#pparses quoted post
fourchanimage_url http?://**/src/parses image
azquerysearches amazon for query
anime,releasename |today|tomorrow|fridayreturns the airdate for an anime or lists all the releases for a day
animetakelist |getquerysearches animetake for latest updates
anidbquerysearches anidb
nyaaquerysearches nyaa for torrents
vndbquerysearches for visual novels
mangaquerysearches for manga
malquerysearches myanimelist
answerqueryfind the answer to a question on yahoo! answers
bashidgets a random quote from or returns a specific id
cequationcalculates equation with custom calculator
uguu query | uguubot query | chatbotquerySkynet is active!!!uguu do you love me?
chooseshould i option1? |option1, option2, option3picks one of the given choices
coinnumberflips a coin [number] times
bitcoin,btc |exchange |listgets current bitcoin rate or list the different exchanges
litecoin,ltcgets current litecoin rate from btc-e
dogegets current doge rate from coins-e
convertval measurement tomeasurement2converts measurements or currencies.convert 45 btc to usd
countdownsecondsnick1 nick2 nick3does a countdown for the channel or specific nicks
readywhen all specified users are ready the countdown begins
cypherpasswordstringcyphers a string with password
decypherpasswordstringdecyphers a string with password
8ballquestionthe all knowing 8ball in electric form. it is never wrong
lartuserlarts a user
insultuserinsults a user
flirtuserflirt a user
yiffuseryiffs a user
killuserkills a user
slapuserslaps a user
lewduserlewds a user
sloganwordmakes a slogan for word
troll returns a troll
fortune returns a fortune
kek,topkekreturns a
loli returns a loli
moistreturns a moist
qt returns a qt
urmomreturns a your mom joke
old returns a old joke
bender returns a bender quote
addcommanddataadds data to the data files.add insult you suck at programming!
debtreturns the us national debt
dice,rolldicerollsimulates dicerolls.roll 1d6
dictionary,definewordreturns the definition of a word
etymology,ewordreturns the etymology of a word
distance fromorigin todestcalculates the distance between any locations.distance from denver to rome
domaindomainlookup a domains whois info
domainrdomainuse's api to search for a domain, and similar domains
isup,isdownurl|domainchecks if a site/domain is up or down.isdown
dramaphrasegets the first phrase of te encyclopedia dramatica article on phrase
ddgqueryreturns first result on duckduckgo
factreturns a random fact from omgfacts
fmlgets a random story from
gelbooru,gbtagsreturns a random image from
geoiphost|ipreturns the location of host/ip
google,g,searchqueryreturns first google search result for query
googleimage,image,gi,gisqueryresult#returns the first google image result
gcalc,calctermcalculates term with google calculator
>imagename.ext | implyingimagenamenum>laughing girls.jpg 2
lmgtfy,gfyqueryposts a google link
#word,?word | hashtagwordreturns the data saved to work#infinity
remember,r,learnworddataremembers data for word.r uguubot is the best
forget,fwordforgets the data for a word
infowordshows the source of a factoid
helpcommandhelp for a command
commandsgives a list of commands
kerneldisplays current linux kernel info
np,lastfm |lastfmnamesave |@ nickdisplays the now playing or last played username save
lyricssongsearch for song lyrics
tv,show,seriesshowgets tv show information
tv_nextshowgets the next episode of show
tv_lastshowgets the last episode of show
movie,imdbmoviegets movie information from imdb
rottentomatoes,rtmoviegets movie information from rottentomatoes
metacritic,mcall|movie|tv|album|x360|ps3|wii|pc|ds|3ds|vitatitlegets rating from metacritic
mliareturns a random fact from mylifeisaverage
neweggquerygets the first result for query on
newegg_urlurl | http?://*newegg.comparses urls and returns results
passwordlengthalpha|no caps|numeric|symbols|any combinationgenerates a password
pingme | pingnickreturns a users ctcp ping
ping | pingipipaddress|domainreturns the ping to a domain or ip address
quote,q#channel|nicknumbergets a quote from a nick or channel.q uguubot 23
quote,qaddnickquoteadds a quote to a nick.q add uguubot KILL ALL HUMANS
rquotenicknumberdeletes a quote from nick.rquote infinity 23
radioreturns current songs on both eden and r/a/dio
edenurlreturns the current song on eden. url returns the link
aradiourlreturns the current song on r/a/dio. url returns the link
bible,godpassagegets passage from the bible (esv).bible genesis 1:1
koran,allahchapter.versegets chapter.verse from the koran.koran 4.20
rssfeedgets the first 3 items from a rss feed
seennicktell the last time a nick was active in one of the bots channels
correction s/find/replace/userreplaces find with replace in the last message
snopestopicsearches snopes for an urban legend about topic
soundcloud_urlurl | http?://* soundcloud url
spellword|sentencecheck spelling of a word or sentence
spotify,spsongsearch spotify for a song
spotify_urlurl | http?://*spotify.comparses urls and returns the info
steamquerysearch for the specified game/trailer/dlc
steam_urlurl | http?:// urls
steamcalc,scsteam id|nicknamecurrencygets value of steam account and total hours played.
stocksymbolreturns stock information.stock aapl
honk,pet,spank,diddle,rapenickhonk honk! fines people for fun.
owed@ nickshows your total fines
vendingmachinenickdispenses vending items
hackuserinitiates hacking protocol
hugnick♥♡❤♡♥ hug someone ♥♡❤♡♥
intensifyword | [WORD]returns [word intensifies]
increasereturns [quality of channel significantly increased]
decreasereturns [quality of channel significantly decreased]
leettext to convertr37urn5 l3375p34k
pantsumaponly works in #pantsumen
penisnamename2...compares penis sizes
sudoku,anherodo you feel lucky punk?
samedont feel left out
tetetetetete nick nick nick
woahuguu is amazed!
linux | interjectI'd Just Like To Interject For A Moment...
systemreturns information about the host system
memorydisplays the current memory usage
uptimedisplays the current uptime
piddisplays the bots pid
botsreporting in!
tell,asknickmessagesends a message to nick when the next time theyre active
showtellsview all pending messages
time |locationsave |@ nickgets time for a location/nick.t infinity 80210
watimeareagets wolframalpha time for area
beatsgets current time in swatch internet time
todolistlist your todos
todoadditemadd item to todo list
tododelnumberdelete item number from todo list
todosearchtextsearch your todos for text
translatefrom langto langtexttranslate text! default will translate to english.translate to italian hello!
autotranslate any japanese characterswill automatically translate any japanese text detected
***more to add soon!
twitchuserreturns information for twitch user
twitch_urlurl | http?://* a url
multitwitch_urlurl | http?://* a url
twitterusernumberget a tweet from user. if no number is given a random tweet will be selected
twitter#hashtaggets a random tweet for #hashtag
twitteridreturns tweet with id
twitter@userreturns random tweet to @user
urban,uphraseidlookup phrase on urbandictionary
process_urlurl | http?://*/process all urls and return info
fourchanimage_urlurl | http?://**/src/parses 4chan images
craigslist_urlurl | http?://* craigslist urls
ebay_urlurl | http?://* ebay urls
hentai_urlurl | http?://* hentai urls
capitalizetextcapitalize text
uppertextconverts text to uppercase
lowertextconverts text to lowercase
titlecasetextconverts text to titlecase
swapcasetextswaps the capitalization of text
rot13textencode text with rot13
base64textencode text with base64
unbase64textdecode text with base64
checkbase64textcheck if text is encoded in base64
unescapetextunescapes text
escapetextescapes text
lengthtextgets the length of text
reversetextreverses text
hashtextreturns hash of text
mungetextmunges up text
usatextusa usa usa usa usa!
shortenurlshorten a url with
validateurlvalidate a url to w3c
vimeo_urlurl | http?://* information for a vimeo video url
votekicknickvote to kick a user! default is 4 votes
votebannickvote to ban a user! default is 10 votes
weather,w,we |locationsave |@ nickdisplay weather for you or someone else.w 80210 save
wikiquerysearches wikipedia
wolframalpha,waqueryuses wolframalpha to find the best answer
yanderetagsreturns a random post from if no tags are given
youtube,ytqueryreturns the first youtube result for query
youtime,ytimequerygets the runtime of the first youtube result for query
youtube_urlurl | http?://* information from a youtube url
youtubeplaylist_urlurl | http?://**return information from a youtube playlist url
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